Artist Profiles

Another Yukon Original

One-of-a-kind jewellery pieces and sculptures in precious metals are our specialty. The entire creative process from design to manufacture takes place in our Main Street studio. So we can guarantee that your custom work of art is unique and totally your own.


David Ashley

P1010087_3Curiosity prompted the American-born David Ashley to travel up the Alaska Highway on his motorcycle more than 25 years ago. Impressed with the territory’s beauty, David decided to stay even though he was uncertain about making a living as a jeweller in the Yukon.

David cannot remember a time when he was not interested in twisting and molding metal to make works of art. After refining his metal-sculpting skills at the Philadelphia College of Art, David worked as a production goldsmith.

Soon after arriving in the Yukon, he found employment in a Whitehorse jewellery store. He has worked as an artist and jeweller in the community ever since. He specializes in one-of-a-kind art jewellery capturing northern images and mythical themes in gold, silver, copper and platinum, with each piece custom individually designed and perfected to fulfill his clients’ dreams. The mural he created for the Visitor Information Centre and his metal sculptures in other public buildings prove David’s versatility as an artist.

In special exhibits held at their Whitehorse studio, David and fellow artist and business partner, Cheryl Rivest, showcase jewellery art. In their Bug Show and Oceans Show the artists drew on ancient techniques and themes from the natural world.

Cheryl Rivest

Cheryl-Profile-Picture-P1010250A 4th generation metal worker raised in the beautiful lakeside community of Atlin, B.C., Cheryl found her calling as an artist early in life. Her studies began at Yukon College where she received her goldsmithing certification. During her career as a goldsmith Cheryl has continued to develop her artistic vision and goldsmithing skills through Master classes and international seminars.

Cheryl is inspired by history and distant cultures and expresses these image using techniques such as Photoetching, Estruscan Gold Granulation and Japanese Mokumegane.

Cheryl enjoys teaching workshops within the community which provides an opportunity to pass on her knowledge to others while deepening her own understanding of the jeweller’s art.

Cheryl draws upon her experience working with gold and here placer industry contacts when acquiring the Goldsmith’s inventory or certified natural gold nuggets. Often her suppliers are miners she has known all her life. She continues to explore her environment in unique art pieces designed to meet each client’s vision, using local gold, silver, platinum, copper, diamonds, precious stones, plus beautiful gems from around the world.